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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Entwine Couture Review

Hi Gorgeous!

Entwine Couture

Ok, so first- no, I am not carrying this line! Lol. I told someone that I had plans to purchase these products when I went to the World Natural Hair Show. And that person wanted me to review them. So here we are, long overdue.

Entwine Couture

Naturalle Couture for natural transitioning hair

This line is Salon inspired couture products for natural and transitioning curlies. There are four products in this line. The following is my impression of them. More information, including where to purchase, can be found at http://www.entwinecouture.com/.

First the scent. They really do smell like salon hair care products. Not like the fruity, floral, or natural scents of most handmade products. These products smell manufactured, which is not a bad thing.

The Manipulator- creme jelle styler

Cream- gels are interesting in that they give you the control and moisture of a butter, but the hold and consistency of a gel. So I never know how much to use when applying. You can tell it has hold because its not sticky, but almost stringy between your fingers. But it did its job, and I liked this product. Something in it prevents your hair from swelling in humidity. My hair literally looked the same at the end of the day as it did in the beginning

Exotic Butter Creme Hydrator

This butter is VERY moisturizing. It is a whipped consistency, but it packs a punch! So much so that I believe I could have gotten a better hold had I not used so much of this underneath The Manipulator. Or maybe it was this that kept my hair from frizzing. The website indicates that this is ahumidity and anti-frizz product. Good Stuff.

Creme De La Molding Mudd

A strong holding product that is quoted to be good for locs! I have barely used this product enough to truly attest to it. But I've seen styling videos by Chary J, and she uses this quite frequently for her twist and braided updos.

Total Perfection Raw Vegan Argon Oil

This is just what it says, Argon oil. I've heard there are great benefits to this oil. My experience is that it definately gives a nice sheen. You feel moisturized and protected when you use this as your first step before stying, and your final step during take down. Non-greasy. Yeah, this will work.

Now let me tell you; these products (with the exception of the Argon Oil) are not 100% natural in their ingredients. Some contain Dimethicone, which I tend to stay away from, along with other "questionable" ingredients. But they also contain some very unique natural and raw ingredients that I have not found in other products. For this reason, I will continue to use these. And I feel good about promoting it. Will I ever carry them in All Things Curly? I don't know. Definately no time soon. But I'm not hater. I think these are good inspite of a few ingredients.

So check them out if wish. They have the products marked down on the website. I didn't provide that information because I wasn't sure of the original prices or how long they would be at the price they are at now. They also sell it in a set for $49.99. And they have a couture cash card worth $5 off if you use the coupon code couturelove6 now through the end of June.

So here are a couple of pics of my results in my tried and true signature hairstyle.

Till Next time beauties!

Stay Gorgeous!

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