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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2012 World Natural Hair Show

Hi Gorgeous!

Sorry So late! I'm still recovering from my trip, and the awesomeness that was the World Natural Hair, Health, and Beauty Show in Atlanta, Ga this past weekend! If you've been following us on Face Book, then you've seen some pics. And if you are a true naturalista, you were there! You already know.....!

But, i had to come back and tell you all some of the highlights of my trip, and products that I am interested in. I hope you are interested too! I wouldn't steer you wrong, these products are really good.

So the first product is by Jeannell Darden of Coco Curls! It's an all-i-one product for you minimalist that don't want to layer products or use multiple products to achieve a style. This product is a leave-in, moisturizer, and styler all in one! It is Shea butter and aloe Vera based with a whipped texture instead of hard, thick or heavy. I actually did my hair with this today, and the results were a shiny, bouncy, twist-out. I will post a pic on the next entry. I REALLY like this product and hope to have it in All Things Curly soon.

Camille Rose Naturals

Entwine Couture

Bask Beauty

These were a few other lines I purchased from, and reviews will be forthcoming as I try them out. But I've put my bid in on the Bask Beauty line! What I mean is, I met the owner, and put in my request to become a retailer if and when she decides to start whole selling. I love this line. It's confections for the hair! And despite the fact that I'm not a coffee drinker, it has names and similar smells to coffee. But not overpoweringly so.

Most of the other products I got were in gift bags or free samples.

But another highlight of my trip was visiting my inspiration store. If you've been with All Things Curly from the beginning, then you know that the vision for my business stimulated from a trip to Atlanta and seeing this store....

And after speaking with the owner, Cindy (on the right), I was inspired and encouraged to start a similar store here in Nashville, TN.

So this past weekend, Sage had a Night of Natural Hair, and here are a few pics from that event.

People shopping

Gift Bags for the guests

Chary Jay- YouTuber, doing styling tutorials

Using Original Moxie Products

There were food and drinks and giveaways going on! Fun was had by all despite the hot Georgia heat. Hotlanta....

And here was some of the gorgeousness that grace the shops!!!!

The woman on the left makes me proud to have big hair!

Chary Jay! Check out her YouTube videos!

Original Moxie owner and creator

Have you ever seen Afro curls on a white woman?

And Ms Danti from YouTube! She has awesome hair AND makeup videos!
I conveniently borrowed one of her hairstyles for this trip. It's old and lost some of
its bounce in this photo, but she recognized it instantly! I was so pleased!

So I hope by now you feel like you were there! Lol. I will be back with more info on Coco Curls. But not before I tell you about events where All Things Curly will be! For a sneak peek, check out THE BUZZ tab for details on upcoming events you are sure to not want to miss!

Until next time!

Stay gorgeous!

P.S. Check out some celeb shots I took this weekend!!!!

Kimberly Elise and Chrisette Michelle!

2011 World's Top Natural

My Natural Sistas (Public figure- bloggers, Youtubers)

Miss World Natural Hair Show herself- Taliaah Wajiid
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