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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Like Us on Facebook!

Hi Gorgeous!

Just checking in on you! Did you realize that ALL THINGS CURLY is now on FaceBook?

So what are you waiting for? Like us right now on this very page by clicking the facebook like button to the right of the screen! (If you are reading this through your email, you have to go to the website :).)

  • By being connect to us on facebook, you will get information quicker, such as the flash sale on Pura Body Natural products that's going on right now!

  • You can participate in hair discussions, and ask your most pressing questions without having to email them to me!

  • And you can post your flyest curly do, and let others know how your feeling the products you've purchased. Trust me, a lot of curlies depend on customer reviews before making a decision to purchase, including me!

  • And the best reason to like us on facebook? GIVEAWAYS! Help us get to 50 likes, and I'll giveaway a free hair product!

Like us today!!!!

Until next time,

Stay Gorgeous!
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