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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring is in the hair!

Hi Gorgeous!

Only one week left until it is officially Spring. And is it me, or is it already hot outside? And i had the nerve to have a sweater on today. Smh. Aside from already seeing wasps, and flys, I welcome the warm temps and first budding of flowers on the trees. (Probably because I don't suffer from alergies, which is a big plus in Middle Tennessee.)

This time of year, in my opinion, is GREAT for your hair! Not too cold where indoor heat, hats, and heavy fabric clothing can wreak havoc. And not too hot where the UV rays and extreme heat can fry your hair and make it change colors (especially if its dyed). It's the perfect weather for WASH AND GO'S.

Feel the breeze as your wet hair is drying in the sun. It truly is a liberating feeling and a time that you just feel blessed to be natural! Lol. So that brings me to the season's must try products!

Darcy's Botanicals Natural Coils Curling Jelly

8oz- $12

The all natural gel that provides a light hold with minimal crunch that is good for wash and go's, twist-outs, and puffs alike. I'm really interested in trying it on a puff myself. With all the hair I've grown since last Spring, this year's puff should be fro-licious! But until I can post my own personal review, here is a review that i found that certainly has me wanting to try it.

This product is currently being sold @ All Things Curly! Email for your appointment today if you are interested in this product!

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Until next time,

Stay Gorgeous!

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