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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Black Opal True Beauty Contest

Hi Gorgeous!

Vote for me!!

I am so excited to announce that I have entered into the 2012 Black Opal True Beauty Model Search. You guys know my heart, and that it beats ALL THINGS CURLY. It is my hope that by getting my name and face out there in the beauty industry, I can bring more opportunities and shine a light on ALL THINGS CURLY and all those that it represents. US CURLY GIRLS!

So with that said, I NEED YOUR HELP. I need each and everyone of you that is subscribed by email, google connect, or just a frequent visitor or passerbyer to go to this website:

and vote for me to be the winner and one of the new faces of Black Opal Cosmetics. Not just today, but everyday thru April 30th, click your vote! If you make that commitment to me, then I will continue to commit to you that I will be do my best to bring you products, information, and helpful advice and service to make your curly journey everything you want it to be. Remember, everything I do is for you!

The contest started March 1st, so I have a lot of catching up to do! If you can't remember to vote everyday, that's fine, do it every other day! Lol. Or however often you can remember. But lets try and see if we can showcase another curly in the media. WE ARE TAKING OVER Y'ALL.

So, why are you still reading this? Go VOTE NOW.

You will have to register with the Black Opal website, but DON'T BE DISCOURAGED. You will not receive Junk email from sponsers if you uncheck the box that says you want to receive beauty updates.

Hundreds of you view this site everyday. THANK YOU. And I thank you for taking that 1 extra step to vote for me :).

Until next time,

Stay Gorgeous

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