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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pura Body Naturals in stock now!

Hi Gorgeous!

I just love getting packages in the mail <3. Especially when they look like this......

I swear, it's like Christmas morning!!! I'm such a junkie, it's ridiculous. And I secretly, or  not so secretly use you guys to fuel my habit.

Pura Body Naturals joins the ranks to become my 3rd product line in All Things Curly. And I really think it makes a great addition to the mix. This is because unlike most hair products on the market, this is a fruit-based product line from the Amazon Rain forest and other parts of Central America. Direct quotes from PBN's website gives you excellent reasons you should be excited about this line.

Why the Wonders of the Amazon?
The Amazon Rain forest is considered to be the pharmacy of the world. In addition to being the world’s greatest natural resource, it’s also the most bio-active diverse resource on the planet. Many of the fruits and vegetables available in the rain forest are enjoyed by the indigenous people with the remains being used for their beauty benefits. The fruits make delectable butters that are super emollients and moisturizers for both hair and skin.
Our products are created using these great ingredients in addition to being free of harmful chemicals. The natural goodness of the products makes them superior to what’s currently available in the market today.
So What’s in the Products?
Some of the fruit goodies in the products are Cupuacu Butter, MuruMuru Butter, Tacuma Butter, Mamey Sapote Oil, and that only names a few. All of which are a few of the best natural ingredients the rainforest has to offer.
They had me at emollient. And I can personally testify that it is. Just look back a couple of posts, and you will see me raving over the Cupuacu Butter. Now what the quote above states is that these products can be used on hair and skin. What it doesn't state is that it can be used on both adults and children, relaxed and natural.
That's right, I did say these products can be used on relaxed hair!
The reason is because not one of these products is a curl definer. In fact, this line does not focus at all on style. It focuses on health. And if your hair is healthy, you can achieve great styles! Healthy hair is soft and lustrous, and has a nice sheen. It is my opinion that continued use of these products will help you achieve that.

These products will be debuted at the Sip, Sample, and Shop event Feb 11th. But you may purchase them anytime up till then. Simply email me at allthingscurly@live.com.

In the coming days, I will give you the deets of each product. As well as my personal review as I try each product. But until then....

Stay Gorgeous!

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