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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winterize Your Curls!

Hi Gorgeous! Hope you're Thanksgiving was fabulous!

Well, it's beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas! It's so cold!!!! Just this time last week I was all outside like this....

Now, I'm bundled up with coat, scarf, and gloves! Goodbye fall, hello winter :(.

With the sudden change in temperature, you may notice your hair getting dryer quicker, or your sets not holding their style as long. That just means it's time to change up your curl game, sweetie! You have to customize your hair care products and routine to the seasons. Think about it! It's cold as all heck outside, so wash and go's are a NO ohh! Then, you go inside to a warm office building or house with the heater on that's drying out your poor strands. And let's not forget that you're wearing sweaters, wool coats, and heavy fabric clothing that are brushing up against your fragile ends. The Winter can reek havoc on your hair if you're ill prepared.

So here are a few tips from me to combat this attack on your gorgeous mane.

  • Protective styles. This one is easy. If you keep your hair off your shoulders, it's less expose to both fabric and air. I, myself and looking for someone to do my hair like this... FABULOUS!

  • Heavier butters and oils for hair. Ever notice how you don't really use baby oil and Vaseline until the winter time? That's because in the hot summer you would be cooking like greasy chicken in a frying pan with all that heavy oil on, right? But then the ash monster comes in the winter! Well your hair needs some tlc as well. And it will let you know immediately. It won't shine, it won't hold a set, and it will feel like straw. So do your hair a favor and get yourself some oil based butters. My suggestion...

Madagascar Vanilla Styling Cream by Darcy's Botanicals

Not only will your hair thank you for it, but it will lead you into point number 3.

  •  Seal your ends with oil. This can be liquid oil, an oil-based butter, or pomade. Oil is not a moisturizer. It seals in moisture, gives your hair luster and sheen, and makes your hair feel soft if in good condition. Oil acts as a barrier against moisture leaving (or entering) your hair follicle. So it should be your last step in your hair care regimen after a good leave-in conditioner and/or a creamy styler. Products, such as the Madagascar above, have oils contained in the product. So this can alleviate the need to add an additional oil afterwards.

Doing this step will keep the oldest part of your hair (the ends) moisturized and tangle-free. This means greater potential of retaining length by reducing breakage. You can really maximize your growth potential here!

  • Overnight maintenance. Hopefully you are doing this already. Sleep on a satin pillowcase, or with a satin scarf or bonnet on your hair. Cotton dries out your hair quicker than anything. You can find these pillowcases anywhere for pretty cheap.

Betty Dain Satin Pillow Case King Size * White
  • Probably the most important is DEEP CONDITION REGULARLY. I try to do it weekly. I'm usually successful when I wash my hair on a Friday night, apply deep conditioner and sleep with it in overnight, and rinse and style sometime on Saturday. Some people leave it in for 15 min under a hooded dryer. Whatever floats your boat. Just do it! It becomes even more important to do this in the Winter. The goal is to keep your hair nice and supple, not dry as the Sahara, begging for attention.

Natural hair conditioners can cost a grip sometimes. But I have found that Darcy's Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner is just thick enough to get the job done. Especially when applying heat, or leaving it in overnight.
Pumpkin Seed Curl Moisturizing Conditioner

So those are my fave five ways to winterize my hair. Feel free to add to the list! I'm sure I will be as many articles circulate the curl community on caring for your hair in the winter.

I do want to share with you that I have already gotten started with the heavier products while testing out new lines to possibly bring to you! Check out some pics of my results!

Major definition! And this was done with a Shea Butter-based product. I thought it was going to be too heavy and greasy and weigh my hair down. But alas, fluffiness and movement abounded! I got a ton of compliments, too. :)

So, I hope this post was helpful to you. Keep those curls moisturized! And until next time...

Stay Gorgeous!

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