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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Do You Pre-Poo?

Seasons Greetings Gorgeous!

Almost two whole weeks since my last post! OMG, where have I been?


Always know that whenever I am gone for long periods of time, I am working on something special for to bring to you! Not only that, I am diligently preparing for 2012 so that together we can take All Things Curly to another level! Are you as excited as I am? Probably not, but you will be.... :0

But to the topic at hand. Do you pre-poo? Do you know what it is or what it entails?

Basically, it is the practice of pre-treating your hair, before washing it, with either oil or conditioner. This aids in dry detangling, makes hair softer and slippery for easier detangling- wet or dry, helps to keep shampoo from stripping all the natural oils from your scalp, and kind of acts as a hot oil treatment.

During the winter time, this practice can become extremely useful as you seek to keep your hair from becoming brittle by taking steps to seal in moisture.

Currently, I am considering a new product line to add to the already fabulous products offered in All Things Curly. It is all about the oils! There may be a couple of butter-based products and even a curl-defining whipped gelly in the mix. But mainly, this line utilizes ayurvedic herbs and fabulous oils like coconut and almond to strengthen and seal ALL types of hair! But i would like to know what you think. If that is something you would be interested in. After all, I'm here for you!

I can tell you that I love this new line! I have had it for a while. It smells like heaven, and my hair has never been softer! But in true product junkie fashion, I have played around with many different products, thus laying this line to the side for a while. Time to revisit!

I gave you a sneak peak before, but here it is again....

This line is affordable and eco-friendly. The bottles are bio-degradable. The ditched fancy labels and packaging in lieu of offering low prices. I'll take it!

There will be more on these developments to come, but if you want to do a little light research on these products, feel free! The line is called Hairveda. A quick google search will inundate you with stellar reviews of these products. And you will find loyal fans and customers on its facebook page. After you check this line out, you'll be psyched that I may be bringing this line to an All Things Curly near you!  So I'll ask you again "Are you as excited as I am?" Leave a comment if you've tried Hairveda, are thinking of trying it, or really want to try it and want us to add it to the store.

Until next time,

Stay Gorgeous!!
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