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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thank you Born Again :)

Hi Gorgeous!



As is my custom, I like to show you all a glimpse of all the love All Things Curly receives at these events I am so blessed to attend! I am always and forever grateful for the patronage of you gorgeous curlies. And I am equally pleased to be able to serve you and try to meet your curly needs. I was even blessed to attend to the needs of some closet curlies, as well as a few straight-haired beauties.

And while on that note: I just want to say that although the goal of All Things Curly is to provide healthy hair care options for the curly, coily, kinky, wavy, and otherwised textured hair beauties; the keyword in that statement is HEALTHY. The products that we carry are natural, organic, and or vegan. As such, these products can be used by anyone! Only certain products are curly exclusive. And that would be curl defining gels and butters. But non curlies are more than able to utilize our healthy shampoos, conditoners, oils, scalp butters, pomades, hair milks, and leave-ins.

So thank you non-curly beauties for also gracing my table with your presence.....and wallets :) Lol.

One of the reasons I so enjoy doing these expos is because of the inevitable bond that forms between booth buddies. And this expo definitely afforded me the opportunity to meet a very special lady by the name of Crystal Gray, whom I heard is a very talented actress!

There is so much I could say about this charming and funny lady with such a beautiful spirit. Our connection was instant, and I felt like I'd known her for years. What I will say is that I hope to keep in touch with her; it was a pleasure to have met her; and I love the afghans that she was knitting and hope one day to purchase the covenant wrap.

Connections are born and made at business expos. You just never know whom you will meet. Imagine my excitement to meet a natural hair stylist!

Meet Ms. Tonya Hatch of Nothin But Natural. She is local to the Nashville area and can be reached
@ 615-401-4737 for appointments!

Though it was TSU Homecoming weekend, we were all very excited and grateful for those in attendance not only to the Fair, but the entire Women's Conference. I did not attend, but it sounded as if it was truly a blessed time.

And that wraps up this series of expos. I hope all that wanted to purchase product were able. I do have a few products left, but I am actively stocking up in preparation for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sales. More details to follow!

In the mean time, all roads lead to Curlytalk THIS SATURDAY. Gorgeous, this event is for YOU. If you are struggling to make this natural thing work, you should be @ Curlytalk. If you are thinking about big chopping or are currently transitioning, you should be @ Curlytalk. If your hair game is tight, and you just want to have fun, be around other naturals to talk about hair, or score some free hair products, you should be @ Curlytalk!  You can still purchase tickets. A link to the website is posted here on All Things Curly. Just scroll through the posts or click on events keyword,

Until next time,

Stay Gorgeous!
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