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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Get your tickets now!

Hi Gorgeous!

OK, so we are on the countdown you guys. Ten days (nine by the time you read this) from now, and Nashville's very first Curly Talk will go down @ Out of Bounds from 4-8pm.  Sponsored by Too Tight Entertainment and Jane Carter Solutions, this event will be ALL THE WAY LIVE.

  • Door Prizes
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Guest Speakers
  • Swag Bags
  • Free Food
  • Drink Specials
  • Product swaps
  • Vendors on site
WTH are you waiting for? Let's show the world how Nashville Curlies do it! Y'all, I am an avid YouTube and blog follower. If there is a meetup anywhere in this country, I probably know about it. I have seen pics and videos from from the hottest meetups around. NYC's meetup was just featured on Essence.com and they packed the house. Just take a look below @ some of the pics.....

Now we may not be New York, but we are Metropolitan, so come out and help put Nashville on the map as a curl friendly town.

Now guess what? I have been informed by the sponsor that you MUST PURCHASE YOUR TICKET IN ADVANCE.

I repeat, you CAN NOT purchase at the door. The tickets can be purchase @ http://curlytalk.eventbrite.com/

They are only $5 ea. plus the processing fee. So if you even think you might want to go. I would advise to go ahead and purchase now. If you later decide not to come, hey, thanks for your donation in helping to sponsor a great and worthwhile event. Lol.  I'll eat your money's worth, TRUST. :-)

Here is the flier below

So you can see, I am not a sponsor! Ha ha. It may sound like I'm going hard for this event because I AM. People travel, I have traveled, to go to events like these. So when it finally happens for Nashville, I want to support and I want others to support it. I believe in creating my glamour and fun. So trust, I am going to be FABULOUS, and have a great time. Come join me!

Until next time!

Stay Gorgeous!
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