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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Don't Forget!

Hey Gorgeous!

Two down and two to go! All roads lead to this weekend's event @ Born Again Church.

Yes! It's the International Women's Conference with some very notable guests including Dr. Judith McAlister and Vickie Yohe! While the conference requires registration, the Miraculously Feminine Fair and FIHI Boutique is completely free! And that's where All Things Curly will be, so come out if you want to get your hands on some hair products and other fabulous items at this fair and boutique. It takes place this Saturday Nov. 12th starting @ Noon.

Speaking for All Things Curly, divas, this has been a busy season and my supply is a little low. Actually, a lot low! These products are selling like Hotcakes! I fully expect to be completely out after Saturday. Not to worry, they are on re-order. However with all things handmade, the turn-around  ranges from 2 weeks to a month. So I just ask that you please be patient, and know that I have not forgotten you! I got choo boo!

All that being said, I hope to see you lovelies. It's sure to be a good time! Until then....

Stay Gorgeous!
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